About Albertino's


Albertino’s is a wedding and events venue where family and friends come together to celebrate life’s most memorable moments! Established in 2006 as Castle Hill Pavillion, we now operate as Albertino’s.


Whether it’s a small gathering or a large wedding, our venue will provide the perfect backdrop to your special day!


Albertino’s welcomes you to create your own unique vision for your special event. We offer a variety of packages to help make your special day as exactly as you envision! We are honored to share our venue with you to fulfill every expectation of your event.

Your Safety


You probably already know that safety is our top priority, especially during this trying time. But we wanted to make the ultimate commitment to the health and wellness of our clients.


That’s why we’ve partnered with @ScentAir to make the air in our space as safe as possible. ScentAir ION Protect air purification systems actively reduce 99.8% of viruses and pathogens including COVID-19.


When we mask up, wash up and purify the air, together we can stop the spread and keep our community thriving. Have peace in knowing that when you visit our venue you can experience a totally pure environment.